Cumberland Road Bus Gate: update

Despite 127 objections, when Cumberland Road is fully restored, only buses, taxis and cycles will be able to travel along it into the city. There will be a Bus Gate on Cumberland Road situated east of its junction with Gas Ferry Road. John Smith (Interim Executive Director: Growth & Regeneration) has told us: ‘After careful consideration I decided to proceed with making the Orders as advertised.’

The objections included:

  • The M2 MetroBus does not run frequent enough and is never full and therefore does not
    require a bus gate to the detriment of the many other road users.
  • Residents, businesses and blue badge holders should be exempt.
  • It will force local residents and other motorists to increase the distances travelled by car
    around the city, through already congested areas, increasing car mileage, traffic volumes and
    emissions/air quality. In particular on Coronation Road, which is already heavily trafficked
    compared with Cumberland Road.

John Smith’s reasons for the Bus Gate are somewhat general in nature: ‘In making this decision I considered that the scheme would achieve elements of the wider transport policy aspirations of the City Council’s overall transport strategy, as set out in the Joint Local Transport Plan 2020-2036.’

Bristol Civic Society’s Transport and Place-Making group considers that ‘the strategic case for restricting private vehicles here is not overwhelming; and the evidence that air pollution will improve as a result of the proposed scheme is not clear.’

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