Harbour Festival 19th-21st July 2019

Following the problems during last year’s Harbour Festival, the Amenities Company directors met with Richmond Event Management to discuss security around Merchants Landing during this year’s festival.

As in previous years there will be stalls the length of Merchants Quay. At our request the entrances from Bathurst Parade, Merchants Quay and the pedestrian entrance in Wapping Road will all be fenced off.

The Merchants House vehicle entrance and the arch through Byzantine Court will be manned by a security team day and night and access will be by pass only.

Residents should already have received two Pedestrian Passes; additional Pedestrian and Vehicle passes can be requested by email (info@rem-events.com), phone (0117 927 6614) or in person from the REM office at 59 Prince Street.

[Picture courtesy of Bristol Harbour Festival]

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