Crane 29

Crane 29Crane 29 – a one-bedroom ‘treehouse’ conversion of the crane next to Prince Street Bridge – is expected to open this summer. The crane is one of four listed cranes dating back to the 1950s when up to 40 lined the docks. The conversion is the idea of glamping holiday specialist Canopy & Stars and will be available for just four months from June. Canopy and Stars assure us that ‘in late September it will disappear but not before leaving the world a little greener.’
A one-night stays for two people will cost £185 a night in the week and £250 at weekends. Canopy & Stars will be donating all profits from the treehouse to Friends of the Earth. If you have visiting friends or family that would like a quirky overnight stay close-by, this link takes you to the Treehouse Ballot.