Information for residents


Local police officer:
PCSO 6226  Alex Wilson-Hollies

Local police station:
The Bridewell
1 – 2 Bridewell Street
Bristol, BS1 2AA

Standard Police Phone Numbers

999 for Emergencies: including crimes in progress, someone is in immediate danger or if there is a risk of serious damage to property. The police have told us that dangerous dogs in the amenities area do fall into this category.

101 for Non-emergencies: including crimes no longer in progress, such as burglary, car crime or damaged property.

Visit to see the crime figures for our neighbourhood, which is ‘Docks and Spike Island’.

Avon and Somerset Police give timely advice about home security:

Neighbourhood Watch

Merchant Landing is a registered Neighbourhood Watch area – number 000170311. It covers the area bounded by Wapping Road, Merchants Quay, Trin Mills and Bathurst Parade. Our Neighbourhood Watch coordinators are:

Annie Wheeler (3 Wapping Road)

Jan Walsh (8 Bathurst Parade)

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Our Councillors (Central Ward)

Councillor Ani Stafford-Townsend (Green): email ; mobile: 07584183509; correspondence address: Green Group Office, City Hall, PO Box 3399, Bristol, BS1 9NE.

Councillor Sibusiso Tshabalala (Green): correspondence address: Green Group Office, City Hall, PO Box 3399, Bristol, BS1 9NE.

General waste and recycling

General waste and recycling curbside collections take place weekly, generally on Wednesdays. Use this link for the general waste and recycling calendar for 2023 and 2024. Christmas tree kerbside collections are scheduled for 17th and 24th January 2024.

There are two reuse and recycling centres in Bristol: Hartcliffe Way which is open Wednesday to Sunday and St Philips which is open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. You will need to book to visit these sites through this web page.

Car Parking Regulations

Effective from 1 February 2017

  1. Owners are permitted to park a vehicle on the forecourt outside their respective garage(s) provided the vehicle does not obstruct the reasonable passage of other vehicles or pedestrians. If the property is tenanted, the residents are permitted to park outside their garage(s) under the same conditions. If the garage is sublet separately there are no parking rights for the tenant of the garage.
  2. There are 15 additional parking spaces marked by white lines in which a vehicle can be parked provided the vehicle is roadworthy, taxed and DISPLAYING a VALID PERMIT. Parking is restricted to a maximum of 24 hours in any 48.
  3. The additional spaces are located:
    behind the north Block Offices.
    behind Merrick Court.
    behind Byzantine Court.
    Parking is also permitted in the car wash bay with a VALID PERMIT ON DISPLAY, providing the space is vacated if required for car washing.
    The garage forecourts and additional spaces are classed as designated parking areas.
  4. All shareholders are entitled to one Car Parking Permit, which is issued annually on receipt of the annual service charge.
    Permits are valid until 30th September.
  5. If the property is tenanted, the Permit can be retained by the Shareholder or given to the Tenant, the Permit cannot be sold, and abuse of the permit will result in cancellation. Shareholders must ensure that their tenants are aware of the regulations.
    Please note that there are 94 Shareholders and only 16 additional spaces. Consequently the additional spaces are for occasional use only.

To enforce the Regulations and prevent unauthorised parking, BPS are authorised to issue fixed penalty notices to:

    1. Any vehicle parked in one of the 15 spaces without a valid permit on display.
    2. Any vehicle parked in the Wash bay without a valid permit on display.
    3. Any vehicle parked outside the designated areas.
    4. Any vehicle displaying an invalid, counterfeit permit or handwritten note.
    5. Any vehicle parked across other garage(s) or obstructing access, provided the affected resident has requested ticketing.
    6. Any vehicle abusing the parking regulations.

Conservation Area

Merchants Landing is a Conservation Area and permission may be required from Bristol City Council before making alterations such as replacing windows, installing satellite dishes and solar panels, adding conservatories and other extensions, laying paving or building walls. It is advisable to contact the Council before commencing any such works.

Owners who intend altering the external appearance or elevations are required to obtain prior permission from the Amenities Company.

Standard Building Designs and Colours

Other Bristol docks residential developments have declared standards for paint and wood-stain colours, window frame designs etc. The original developers of Merchants Landing did not instigate this and Merchants Landing Amenities company can only offer advice. If you are concerned about your local environment, the Amenities Company has the following guidelines:

  • Use Crown Paints Sadolin Exterior Extra Durable (Mahogany) stain on your front door surrounds, window surrounds and garage door.
  • Contact the Amenities Company for details of currently endorsed suppliers of replacement windows – frames and frame colour, to match originals.
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